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#OurJacksonVote: Vicky Foote

Guest Contributor

My parents were Olean and Carl Mayo. They ran a small grocery store on D Street in Bemis for thirty-five years, working long hours, six-and-a-half days a week, with no vacations because they had a dream of sending all five of their children to college. In our small house, the seven of us learned to share one bathroom, two bedrooms, and chores both at home and at the store. Our parents’ business was not only our livelihood but the key to our future, so we did our part to make it successful.

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Gather: December 2018

Katie Howerton

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, y’all! Jackson has so much family fun for you this holiday season, so check out these five favorite events happening this December.

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Gather: November 2018

Katie Howerton

Anybody else out there who can’t believe it’s already November? Don’t worry—you’ve still got a few weeks to prepare yourself for Christmas, but thankfully some holiday cheer is just around the corner, from decking the halls and wrapping gifts to spending time with family enjoying a play, race, or service event. Check out what’s coming up here in Jackson!

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Outsiders Exposition: How You Can Support Local Music

Bo Kitzman

Growing your local music scene is a lot like trying to grow a fledgling business. You need people eager to support your products, the wherewithal to put in the hours to create good products, and (of course) some good products. Jackson’s music scene has an massive amount of potential, but it lacks some of the key ingredients to basic growth. First, the arts in general need more support in Jackson. Jackson’s music scene needs all the support every arts-lover can stand to give. Why?

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Missing Jackson, Part 6: "I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me"

Lauren Pritchard

In September when I packed up all of my things and started my fall journey I had no idea what to really expect. Not because I hadn’t toured before or worked before, but because this time was different. Working two full-time jobs simultaneously is not my norm, and it felt like I was possibly biting off more than I could chew. But I had to trust that God was not giving me more than He thought I would be able to handle. So off I went to New York City to begin putting Songbird on stage.

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