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A Tennessee Valentine's

Olivia Chin

It’s time for another Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re excited to celebrate or planning to treat it as just another day, this playlist will have you singing along. Let’s give our local artists a round of applause and enjoy their romantic (or anti-romantic) songs this Valentine’s.

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A Conversation With: Colton Parker

Bo Kitzman

Jackson’s musical dichotomy has had a strange, often polarizing environment for musicians to grow in over the last decade. Often touted as the bathroom break between Memphis and Nashville, Jackson—with the exception of Carl Perkins’ aeonian influence on rockabilly—is not critically recognized as a musically significant city. To say that Jackson is part of a bigger delta blues triangle would be more plausible. Music scenes are often planted in Jackson but never seem to flourish.

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Album Review: LOLO's "In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Sh*t"

Bo Kitzman

Lauren Pritchard (LOLO) doesn’t care what you think about her, and just to make sure you never forget it, she named her new album In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Sh*t. This particular album is a collection of very self­-aware songs that seem to offer the listener a firm idea of where Lauren’s direction as an artist is going. This is Lauren’s first release since her 2010 full-­length, Wasted in Jackson, and it is without a doubt a departure from the sound that characterized that album.

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Better Off: An Exploration of Sensitivity or Bo Kitzman’s Most Recent Musical Quest

Guest Contributor

Have you been through a breakup recently? Have you ever been let down? Have you ever wanted to let someone know how you really felt but weren’t sure if you could say it to their face? Or if they even deserved that luxury? Well, then I’ve got the music for you. Bo Kitzman got his heart broken, and he’s not afraid to tell you about it. I got a chance to sit down with him recently and pick his brain about his own feelings. He also asked me to share a few of my thoughts on his songs.

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Missing Jackson, Part 7

Lauren Pritchard

To every season, turn, turn, turn. To every new chapter in the book of life, page turn. By closing one chapter it means we have to say goodbye to something that has changed us and transfer our energy into what’s next. It’s hard to say goodbye, especially when you were having a brilliant time, but it’s necessary because it helps remind you that there’s always tomorrow. For better or worse there are more things waiting up ahead. And this is how I currently feel.

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