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Curtain Call

Guest Contributor

Some of my favorite things about Jackson’s many weekend entertainment options are the gambling, exotic dancers, and running from the cops. Of course, I am a sucker for the more romantic selections as well, including salsa dancing and island-inspired drinks, all of which can cause a woman’s inhibitions to wave bye-bye at the door. All of these are what make Jackson what it is—a lively city teeming with less-than-honest citizens looking for even less honest entertainment.

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Theatre Review: Guys & Dolls

Renae Adelsberger

The Jackson Theatre Guild initiates the 2016-2017 season with the musical Guys and Dolls, now playing at The Ned. Set in colorful New York, the conflict between the police and the illegal gambling ring of craps is at an all time high. Nathan Detroit, played by Billy Worboys, is famous for setting up secret meeting places to shoot craps. But with the police on high alert, he must come up with $1,000 cash in order to secure a location. 

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Theatre Review: The Jungle Book

Renae Adelsberger

"Hear me, people of the jungle! I, Mowgli, keeper of the law and guardian of the jungle, have come to entertain you!" The Jackson Children and Teen Theatre has put on The Jungle Book: The Musical at The Ned.  The show opens with the talented Mowgli, played by Grayson Hart. He effectively captures the insolence and over-confidence of his character. The top vocal performance of the night, however, belongs to the tiger, Shere Khan, played by Lauren Ragsdale, for the song, "Can't We Be Friends."

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Missing Jackson, Part 7

Lauren Pritchard

To every season, turn, turn, turn. To every new chapter in the book of life, page turn. By closing one chapter it means we have to say goodbye to something that has changed us and transfer our energy into what’s next. It’s hard to say goodbye, especially when you were having a brilliant time, but it’s necessary because it helps remind you that there’s always tomorrow. For better or worse there are more things waiting up ahead. And this is how I currently feel.

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Theatre Review: It's a Wonderful Life

Renae Adelsberger

The Jackson Theater Guild has brought a Christmas classic to The Ned in its presentation of It's a Wonderful Life. Set in the town of Bedford Falls, New York, in the 1940s, the play opens as George Bailey contemplates suicide at the top of a bridge. This triggers the appearance of Clarence Odbody, guardian angel, second class. He was sent to George to remind him of his past—times when he had acted honorably and made profound sacrifices for his family and friends. 

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