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The Rhythm of Tradition

Courtney Searcy

To call Jackson home sometimes feels like a betrayal of the place that taught me the meaning of that word. Two hours east on I-40, home is a small white farmhouse on top of a hill with a porch swing and a bed of roses that welcome you to the front door. At home, the sound of that swing’s rusty metal creaking still steadies me like I imagine the ticking of a metronome does for a novice musician. There are days when I ache for the rhythm of home, just as we gasp for air when deprived of breath.

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Stay 731: Choosing Wonder

Guest Contributor

It seems quite contradictory to write a piece on why people should stay in Jackson on the eve of our move to Nashville. After eight years of choosing to stay, the decision to leave didn’t come easily, and I certainly put up a fight. However, I had to come to terms with the fact that sometimes a dream is for a season, and it’s okay for dreams to develop towards other places. You don’t have to abandon a sense of “place” once you move.

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Becoming a Neighbor: An Ode to Midtown

Katie Howerton

Megan was a fact nut, the kind of girl who was interested in the details in everything she studied. She once committed a semester to checking out a certain number of design books at the library just to keep herself inspired in her trade and always learning. So it shouldn’t have surprised me when began research on her new historic duplex on Arlington and affectionately referred to it by the name the metal sign read outside: The Merriweather House.

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On: The Jackson Fire Department Life Safety House

Kristi Woody

The Jackson Fire Department is in the process of constructing an important safety training tool for our community, the Life Safety House. The simulator, located on Conalco Drive, consists of three different rooms and will give community members tips and information on properly handling threatening situations in the home. As guests walk into the converted trailer, they will see a classroom where the instructors can give school groups a presentation on safety in the event of fire or natural disaster.

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Stay 731: Seasons

Courtney Searcy

There is nothing beautiful about a neighborhood razed and left for kudzu and vines to swallow trees whole, while grass begins forming veins in the cracks of the abandoned streets. There is nothing beautiful about a lot tended only enough to keep back tall grasses. So when I say I love the patch of abandoned land called Westwood Gardens, I get that it’s kind of weird.

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