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Outsiders Exposition: How You Can Support Local Music

Bo Kitzman

Growing your local music scene is a lot like trying to grow a fledgling business. You need people eager to support your products, the wherewithal to put in the hours to create good products, and (of course) some good products. Jackson’s music scene has an massive amount of potential, but it lacks some of the key ingredients to basic growth. First, the arts in general need more support in Jackson. Jackson’s music scene needs all the support every arts-lover can stand to give. Why?

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Freaky Pedals & Finger Skills: The Surreals

Anthony Merriweather

It’s a damp Saturday evening after the rainy weather has subsided; I make the drive across town to a local Starbucks, and on arrival I find comfort on an outdoor couch to avoid the noise and clutter of inside. I take my laptop out of my leather backpack and begin looking over my spread and questions. Not long after, two girls walk by me, myself unnoticed. “Here” the text on my phone reads.

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