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True Grits

Katie Howerton

Confession: I used to love instant grits. Perhaps that’s not a huge deal to those of you who don’t care much for grits, but to those of you who grew up in the deep South, you have every right to “tisk-tisk” me. On the other side of a few culinary experiences, I now understand the miles of distance between instant grits and the real thing—you know, slow-cooked, creamy, and enough butter to remind you that ignorance is bliss. And what goes better with a big bowl of grits than some juicy shrimp?

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Hello Jackson: Chandelier Café & Catering

Kristi Woody

It wasn’t until I experienced fine dining that I truly appreciated it. Splurging on a full-service dining experience may not be your cup of tea, but to me it is worth saving up for. It’s not only the unique flavor combinations and artful food preparation that I enjoy, but also the atmosphere and attentiveness of the servers. My fine dining experiences have always been on vacation, but as of this fall, I can get this kind of experience right here in Jackson.

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