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There's Just Something About Moonshine

Austin Thompson

When you interview a guy you’ve known for years—a guy who has had dozens of articles and interviews published since the launch of his business—the thing you are probably the most aware of is the desire to be original in what you put on paper for the whole world to see. If nothing else, don’t be cliché about it. So that was my goal as I mentally prepared myself to interview Sam Bryant, owner of Samuel T. Bryant Distillery here in Jackson.

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Behind the Brew: How The Farmer's Perk Is Expanding Jackson's Coffee Culture

Olivia Chin

A morning ritual, a conversation piece, a shared bond: coffee adopts whatever role its faithful consumers may assign. It’s one of the few addictions that our local cultures openly embrace. Even just the word “coffee” can be seen on decorative signs for the home, on t-shirts, on mugs. Coffee has transcended its place as a drink to an idea: the symbol of incentive in an increasingly demanding world. “I can’t do anything before I have my coffee” is not a personal statement; it’s a cities-spanning mantra.

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Drinks, Dogs, & Dreams

Courtney Searcy

Entrepreneurs are sometimes the kind of people who come up with an idea and ruthlessly execute it. Others stumble into businesses ownership when their hobbies or passions lead them down a winding path of challenges and unexpected joys. Walt and Michelle James, the new owners of the Downtown Tavern, fall into the latter category. They are a pair of charitable entrepreneurs who were flung into the revitalization of downtown Jackson.

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Hello Jackson: Chandelier Café & Catering

Kristi Woody

It wasn’t until I experienced fine dining that I truly appreciated it. Splurging on a full-service dining experience may not be your cup of tea, but to me it is worth saving up for. It’s not only the unique flavor combinations and artful food preparation that I enjoy, but also the atmosphere and attentiveness of the servers. My fine dining experiences have always been on vacation, but as of this fall, I can get this kind of experience right here in Jackson.

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Levi Hartsfield Wants to Break Your Heart

Josh Garcia

If your coffee education has been anything like mine, you were probably introduced to the centuries-old beverage that’s been studied and practiced and thought about deeply by way of the Just Add Sugar method. You know what I’m talking about. Your dad might have taught it to you and maybe still practices it to this day. He tears those little pink packets open and pours their contents into his steaming cup, and you see a look of satisfaction on his face after that first sip.

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