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Theatre Review: And Then There Were None


Theatre Review: And Then There Were None

Renae Adelsberger


Union University’s theatre has brought an Agatha Christie classic to stage in their production of And Then There Were None. Set on the secluded Indian Island, ten people are each brought by ship for various purposes, but all by a mysterious Mr. and Mrs. Owen.

The ragtag group prepares for dinner when an ominous record booms accusations that each person is guilty of murder. All characters gather to share their stories and defend themselves.

In the middle of the excitement, one of the guests commits what is assumed to be suicide. That is, until morning when the maid is found dead also.

The guests quickly realize that the children’s story of Ten Little Soldiers, posted above the fireplace, is not a decorative piece but a warning. On the mantel immediately under the story is a set of toy soldiers. Every time a guest is found dead, a soldier goes missing.

Each person who is found dead corresponds with a line of the story. The story goes like this:

Ten little soldier boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self and then there were Nine.

Nine little soldier boys sat up very late;
One overslept himself and then there were Eight.

After thoroughly searching the barren island and vast house, the remaining seven determine they are completely alone, leaving the unthinkable to be the only possible truth: one of them is the murderer.

The most impressive element of the play is the actors’ ability to utilize every inch of the stage. During most of the first act, all ten actors remaining on stage simultaneously, yet they do not feel as though they are crowded. The W.D. Powell Theatre is an intimate setting, and those on the front row may even start to wonder if they themselves are in the play.

Join Union University this weekend for this thrilling murder mystery. The play runs through October 6th. For more information, visit

After graduating from Union University, Renae Adelsberger and her husband Kevin decided to make Jackson their home due to their love for their church, nonprofits, local businesses, and abundance of Sonic drive-ins. You can read more from Renae at

Photography by Kevin Adelsberger.