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Theatre Review: Hello, Dolly!


Theatre Review: Hello, Dolly!

Renae Adelsberger


Fellow Jackson citizens: Do you need anything? How about legal counsel? Perhaps varicose veins reductions? Are you a painter who needs dance classes? What about some good old-fashioned matchmaking? 
Then you need Dolly! Fortunately for us, Hello, Dolly! has come to the stage at The Ned, and she has brought all her business cards with her. Dolly Levi, played by Julie Glosson, is an expert at everything. In her own words, she’s a professional meddler. And she will meddle her way right into the arms of the well-to-do Horace Vandergelder, played by Billy Worboys, by any means possible, Even if it means intentionally botching her matchmaking job.

The play opens as Dolly arrives in Yonkers to assist in matchmaking—and, of course, picking up some side jobs with her business cards along the way. But her motives aren’t always in the best interest of the individual. When it comes to putting people together, her opinion goes a long way.

Mr. Vandergelder heads to New York and leaves his Hay & Feed store in the hands of his underappreciated clerks, Cornelius Hackl (played by Zakkeus Bonds) and Barnaby Tucker (played by Ontoni Reedy). The two sabotage the store and sneak away for a night in the city. But as all good comedies go, they find themselves hiding in a hat store because they were about to pass their boss on the street of the city.

Now that all our characters have made their way to New York, they each decide not to return to Yonkers until they have found love. The question is: will they find it? And will Dolly be able to matchmake her way into a marriage proposal from Mr. Vandergelder?

The gorgeous voice of Glosson holds the play together as she dominates the stage with the bigger-than-life presence of Dolly Levi. Lest their be too much love and drama, Bonds and Reedy bring the energy for their physical humor. They are truly lovable underdogs that you hope find love, avoid their boss, and, of course, see the stuffed whale. The stage is often packed full with the large cast and choirs who harmonize with each other beautifully.

Hello, Dolly! has brought together some of the best voices and musicians our city has to offer. The orchestra pit with eleven musicians, though tucked out of sight under the stage, adds a level of live action excitement that performing to CDs can’t offer. If you sit close enough to the stage, you can literally feel the vibrations of the music coming through the floor, adding energy to the room.

The sets are some of the most elaborate that the Jackson Theatre Guild has created. The costumes are ornate and beautiful. With a multitude of clothing changes, you truly feel like the stage is set in 1890s New York City.

Head downtown to The Ned to enjoy Hello, Dolly!, where you won’t be ready to say goodbye once you’ve met her. The play runs July 13-16. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday showtimes are at 7:30 P.M.; Saturday and Sunday matinees are at 2:00 P.M. Visit their website for more information.

After graduating from Union University, Renae Adelsberger and her husband Kevin decided to make Jackson their home due to their love for their church, nonprofits, local businesses, and abundance of Sonic drive-ins. Read more of her work on her personal blog.

Photographer Kevin Adelsberger and his wife Renae moved to Jackson for college (proud Union alumni) and have stayed every since. Jackson has since taken hold of Kevin’s heart, and he looks forward to continuing to grow with the city. Kevin opened Adelsberger Marketing in 2014 and saw working with Our Jackson Home as a way that he could serve the city he loves. Kevin and Renae are members of First Baptist Church and volunteer with the youth group there and with Madison County CASA.