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Theatre Review: It's a Wonderful Life


Theatre Review: It's a Wonderful Life

Renae Adelsberger


The Jackson Theatre Guild has brought a Christmas classic to The Ned in its presentation of It's a Wonderful Life. Set in the town of Bedford Falls, New York, in the 1940s, the play opens as George Bailey contemplates suicide at the top of a bridge. 

This triggers the appearance of Clarence Odbody, guardian angel, second class. He was sent to George to remind him of his past—times when he had acted honorably and made profound sacrifices for his family and friends. 

But George isn't easily consoled. It takes everything Clarence has to convince George that life is worth living. If Clarence succeeds, not only will he have saved George, but he will also earn his wings.

The set was darkly lit, which helped the audience feel the anguish that George was experiencing, and yet the play was surprisingly comedic. The actors interacted well with each other and fed off the energy of the audience. There were only a dozen empty seats in the crowd, and the excitement could be felt in the house as the viewers cheered, laughed, and even booed at appropriate times in the play. 

Once again the Jackson Theatre Guild has given Jackson's residents a reason to spend their evening downtown. Come celebrate the Christmas season with your loved ones and see It's a Wonderful Life. And while you're there make sure to buy 2016-2017 season tickets!

To learn more about the Jackson Theatre Guild and to order tickets to see It's a Wonderful Life, visit their website.

After graduating from Union University, Renae Adelsberger and her husband Kevin decided to make Jackson their home due to their love for their church, nonprofits, local businesses, and abundance of Sonic drive-ins. You can read more from Renae at

Photography by Kevin Adelsberger.