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How To: Have a Full Week of Fun in Jackson


How To: Have a Full Week of Fun in Jackson

Anthony Kirk


Jackson is home to a community of phenomenal people and growing social appeal. While our weeks can seem mundane and leave us jaded, there are plenty of opportunities to socialize, express creativity, and simply relax. I've compiled a list that I hope will enhance our weekly routines to create shared memories with friends and family as we together enjoy Jackson.


Monday arrives expected but not usually welcomed in beginning our week. After excessively utilizing our snooze button, we start our weekly routines of moneymaking or classwork. Caffeine is the common choice for fuel during our sometimes enjoyable and sometimes stressful workweek. While an at-home coffee pot might suffice, experiencing the vibe of a local coffee shop is hard to beat. Alba Coffee, Tea & Food in Downtown Jackson provides not only a good cup of coffee and a pastry to pair but also a place to gather with friends. Read this reflection on the shop and its role in our community by Courtney Searcy.


Tuesday is a subtle day within our weeks usually without anything eventful or noteworthy. Following Monday, it’s a day of momentum moving us forward into the rest of the week. But let’s not miss opportunity to truly seize this day. Every Tuesday theCO hosts a free gathering for local creatives and entrepreneurs to learn new skills, be inspired, and collaborate. This week they'll be hosting Maker's CO:llective for those of you who love to tinker with things, so make sure to check it out! Read the story behind theCO here.


Wednesday is our midweek checkpoint reminding us that the weekend is approaching. We may be tired and becoming worn by the struggles and demands of classes or our jobs, but there is a way to get a glimpse of the fun that the weekend holds and on a budget. Every Wednesday night you can bowl or skate for only $1 at the Bowling & Skating Family Fun Center. So gather some friends or your family and have an enjoyable, affordable time together.


Thursday is time to plan for the weekend, and meals are always a fun way to gather and converse. Call a friend for lunch and visit local favorite Burrito Meal. While the burritos are on point, my favorite is the Choreez Burger. Deep conversation and nachos always go great together. Plus, always be on the lookout for coupons and fundraisers to make your visit that much better.


Friday is here. For some of us, clocking out at 5:00 p.m. on Friday is the highlight of our week, leading into a weekend of refreshment and fun. But what to do? A movie is a good option, and Jackson also has plenty of dinner options and also the occasional play. But if you're looking for something more, check out Jackson Escape Rooms. It provides a Sherlock Holmes-esque experience escaping a room using your knowledge, skills, and teamwork. Go on a date, or have a night out with your closest pals. It is the future of fun in Jackson, so book a room today! Watch the video we made for Jackson Escape Rooms—but remember, they're now at a new locations with different rooms!


Saturday arrives tempting us to sleep until noon, but I challenge you to set the alarm and visit our West Tennessee Farmers' Market offering local coffee, produce, and (of course) fresh donuts. My favorite visit is La Cubanita for a few empanadas. Not only does the Farmers' Market provide fresh, local food for your pantry, but it’s a great reminder that we live in community as many gather under the green roofs seeking out fresh, local conversations. Read this reflective essay on the Farmers' Market by Josh Garcia.


Sunday is traditionally a day of rest, and what's more restful than a little reflection time in nature? Pinson Mounds State Park is a great spot to break away on a Sunday afternoon with minimum distractions. Whether you’re a hiker, runner, or just someone who enjoys chilling in a hammock, Pinson Mounds offers solitude a short distance south of Jackson. Enjoy a picnic or learn about our area’s Indian ancestry while climbing to the top of the mounds.

Anthony Kirk wears the Starbucks green apron keeping Jackson caffeinated. When not connecting with coffee shop goers he’s reading a book by a campfire or getting lost on his bike riding the back roads of Madison County. Anthony lives in Jackson’s historical LANA neighborhood appreciating its comfort and classic feel. Admiring folks like Bonhoeffer, Donald Miller, and Jimmy Fallon, he knows that people have names as well as phenomenal stories. May those stories be told well and promote community.

Header image by Kristi Woody. Illustrations by Katie Howerton.