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Theatre Review: The 39 Steps

Renae Adelsberger

Richard Hannay gets swept into a spy thriller in the Jackson Theatre Guild's current production of The 39 Steps. When a gun is fired during a theater production, the seductive Annabella Schmidt convinces Richard Hannay to take her to his room for safety. While there, she is murdered. With her dying breaths, she mentions the mysterious "39 steps" in relation to a spy plot but does not reveal its meaning. Hannay, now a murder suspect, flees the country, follows Annabella's few, vague clues to discover the meaning of the 39 steps. 

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Theatre Review: And Then There Were None

Renae Adelsberger

Union University’s theatre has brought an Agatha Christie classic to stage in their production of And Then There Were None. Set on the secluded Indian Island, ten people are each brought by ship for various purposes, but all by a mysterious Mr. and Mrs. Owen. The ragtag group prepares for dinner when an ominous record booms accusations that each person is guilty of murder. All characters gather to share their stories and defend themselves.

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