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Becoming a Neighbor: An Ode to Midtown

Katie Howerton

Megan was a fact nut, the kind of girl who was interested in the details in everything she studied. She once committed a semester to checking out a certain number of design books at the library just to keep herself inspired in her trade and always learning. So it shouldn’t have surprised me when began research on her new historic duplex on Arlington and affectionately referred to it by the name the metal sign read outside: The Merriweather House.

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Transcending Today

Gabe Hart

I still remember my last day of high school. I remember leaving the parking lot and listening to the Dave Matthews song “Number 41,” and I still remember the lyrics that were blaring from the speakers of my Nissan Maxima. “I will go in this way, and I’ll find my own way out. . . .” They seemed poignant at the time, though I’m not sure in what way exactly. As a matter of fact, I’m not really sure that I even liked Dave Matthews. I think I wanted to like Dave Matthews because all my friends liked Dave Matthews.

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Tilling For Grace

Guest Contributor

I was born in Jackson thirty-two years ago to an African-American father and a Hispanic mother. Our city was a very different place back then. In fact, it was less of a city and more a small town, with a far less diverse population. Growing up I didn’t have many friends that looked like me, and it was made abundantly clear by my peers that I was going to have to choose a side. But choosing was never really an option for me.

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A Conversation with: Flying Colours

Olivia Chin

In between casually referencing James Blunt, discussing My Chemical Romance’s best records, and pouring over photos of the various orcs from The Lord of The Rings, Rob and Thomas Griffith of Flying Colours spoke with me this week about the band’s upcoming show in Jackson. The Flying Colours have been featured before in Our Jackson Home; for this interview, Rob and Thomas opened up about the latest news for the band and their gratitude for the support that Jackson has shown for them throughout the years.

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Photo Gallery: March 2015 Unity Service

Kevin Adelsberger


On Sunday, March 29, 2015, three congregations gathered to worship together as one, focusing on their opportunity to unite and partner together in Christ. City Fellowship Baptist Church's Pastor Russ Pflasterer preached at the service, and First Baptist Church met at 433 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, the home of Historic First Baptist Church and Pastor William Watson. Kevin Adelsberger attended the service and was able to skillfully photograph the moments below.

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