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Becoming a Neighbor: An Ode to Midtown

Katie Howerton

Megan was a fact nut, the kind of girl who was interested in the details in everything she studied. She once committed a semester to checking out a certain number of design books at the library just to keep herself inspired in her trade and always learning. So it shouldn’t have surprised me when began research on her new historic duplex on Arlington and affectionately referred to it by the name the metal sign read outside: The Merriweather House.

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On: The HUB Classic

Guest Contributor

Caleb Hall, a student and basketball player for the JCM Cougars, won the Lane College Slam Dunk Contest at the Oman Arena Tuesday during a break between the sixteen different high schools battling in out in Area Relief Ministries’ third annual HUB Classic Basketball Tournament. JCM joined teams from North Side, Liberty, Trinity, and Madison from Jackson.

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Sharing in the Story of Southern Hospitality

Joseph Smith

Growing up in the South has been a unique experience; my upbringing has been fostered by arguably the most distinct and well-preserved regional culture in our country, one that is often recognized and celebrated for its pride in tradition by visitors and (definitely) natives alike. It’s hard to deny how significant the carryover is from generation to generation, whether we’re talking about our carb-loaded homemade recipes, the always-charming accent, or that trademark sweet tea.

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On: Food For All

Guest Contributor

Food for All is one of the more unique community experiences happening in Jackson. In the fall of 2011, a group of friends (eight families to be exact) began a dinner cooperative. Each family takes a turn cooking for the co-op’s twenty-four members, four nights per week. That equals to over one hundred meals shared together in a year. This article was written by one of the founding members of the group, Anna Worley.

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