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Chasing the Inexplicable

Guest Contributor

As I sat near the window at Starbucks, a man wearing brown leather boots and a denim jacket hand-stitched with the name “Wolf” immediately caught my attention. Though I had heard and read many things about Lee Wilson, I had never met him up until this point. As one of the co-owners of Jackson Escape Rooms and a winning contestant of CBS’ reality show, Hunted, Lee has proven his seemingly uncanny ability to strategize and solve problems, a skill that far surpasses his knack for style.

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On: Geocaching

Guest Contributor

So we were on the hunt again. Charles and I had not been geocaching for a long time, and I decided it was the best way to spend an afternoon off work, to which he replied, “Okay,” in his signature shrug and half-smile. Our first geocaching adventure was nearly nine years prior to this. We had found a few by the Love’s truck stop in Jackson and more by some historical landmarks around town. At the time I saw this as a simple act, two friends doing something random together just because.

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Hello Jackson: Nerdvana

Kristi Woody

Some of my fondest memories of growing up are from playing video games with my granddad and my cousins. I was the kid that cheated by holding the Duck Hunt controller right up next to the screen! I know many other people have grown up around video games, and some, like my husband, continue to enjoy playing. Even Frank Underwood, leading man on House of Cards, enjoys playing Playstation! Luckily there’s an awesome local business that serves the needs of Jackson gamers: Nerdvana.

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A.M. Creative Recap: Jared Dauenhauer

Joseph Smith

A new form of entertainment is catching fire all across America, and it involves teams of players willingly locking themselves into rooms before solving a series of themed puzzles and riddles in order to get out. It’s an immersive and interactive experience that is scratching an itch that most didn’t know they had, one that is resulting in a fever for novel problem solving and adventure.

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On: The HUB Classic

Guest Contributor

Caleb Hall, a student and basketball player for the JCM Cougars, won the Lane College Slam Dunk Contest at the Oman Arena Tuesday during a break between the sixteen different high schools battling in out in Area Relief Ministries’ third annual HUB Classic Basketball Tournament. JCM joined teams from North Side, Liberty, Trinity, and Madison from Jackson.

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