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A Reliable Rite

Kevin Vailes

Eating is an incredibly sacramental act. In fact a feast, regularly celebrated, is one of the universally recognized rites of the Christian Church. It can be a reminder of our lack of complete self-sufficiency. We need things outside ourselves in order to survive even on the most basic of levels. The sacred is also something that is meant to be experienced with other people. Meals are often communal, and I would argue that the best meals are always shared experiences. No matter how good the food is it is always better shared with other people

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On: Food For All

Guest Contributor

Food for All is one of the more unique community experiences happening in Jackson. In the fall of 2011, a group of friends (eight families to be exact) began a dinner cooperative. Each family takes a turn cooking for the co-op’s twenty-four members, four nights per week. That equals to over one hundred meals shared together in a year. This article was written by one of the founding members of the group, Anna Worley.

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