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Our Jackson Home: Summer 2017 Recap


Our Jackson Home: Summer 2017 Recap

Katie Howerton


This summer was full of lots of food trucks, a few meals out, and a whole bunch of trips to the farmers' market, and we had a blast. Check out Katie Howerton's review of our summer 2017 #OurJacksonTable dozen, and join us in trying even more local restaurants this fall!

Photo Jun 17, 10 46 09 AM.jpg

Morning Star Farms

West Tennessee Farmers' Market (91 New Market Street | Shed 1, Stall 1) | $

What a feast! Morning Star Farms/Earth's Bounty sure knows how to serve up a top-notch baked treat, whether you're in search for a bit of pound cake, some crunchy granola, or a loaf of sourdough for the week's needs. Prices range $1 to $4, and we're in love with the $2 mini loaves owner Juanita makes with leftover dough.

The Farmer's Perk

West Tennessee Farmers' Market (91 New Market Street | Shed 1, Stall 9) | 56 Casey Jones Lane | $

Can't begin a Saturday at the Farmers' Market without coffee! Luckily The Farmer's Perk has you covered, whether you're feeling a cold brew, frappe, or a classic cup of joe. Be sure to try their speciality drinks like Mudslide, Nutty Irishman, and Vanilla Dream. Drinks run $2 to $6, or get a bag to make at home for just $14. And don't forget to visit their weeklong location at the Old Country Store!

Read more about The Farmer's Perk in Vol. 3, Issue 2: Day & Night.

Photo Jun 11, 9 30 05 AM.jpg

Lil' Brooklyn's Italian Ice

West Tennessee Farmers' Market (91 New Market Street | Shed 1, Stall 11) | $

Summertime is made for Italian ice. Lil' Brooklyn's is the perfect Farmers' Market spot to cool off with twenty-five flavors including both classics like watermelon, cherry, and lemon lime as well as unique options like tie-dye, mokaccino, and cotton candy (only certain ones available each Saturday). Ya can't beat less than $4, and don't forget to try their famous lemonade, too!

Me' Me's Yum Yum's, Inc.

West Tennessee Farmers' Market (91 New Market Street | Annex) | $

Raise a flag if you're gluten-free and proud of it! Restrictive diets can suck, but thankfully Me' Me's Yum Yum's, Inc. is here to make sure you don't miss out your favorite baked goodies. From basic loaves and buns to cookies, donuts, and their famous cinnamon rolls, get your fix for under $4 (these sugar cookies just $0.50), and spend a few extra bucks for breads that will last the whole week.

Sweetie Pies / J&J Farm

West Tennessee Farmers' Market (91 New Market Street | Annex) | $

Sweetie Pies buns + J&J Farm sausage = the best of both worlds. Sweetie Pies has cookies, chess squares, and some adorable mini loaves to satisfy your sweet tooth for just $1.25—plus fudge! And if the sausage sliders get you in the salty mood, J&J has all the local pork, beef, chicken, and lamb you could ask for.

Photo Jul 31, 6 28 21 PM.jpg

Holy Smokers

Food Truck (91 New Market Street | Shed 2, Shannon Street End) | $

Lord knows we love our barbecue here in West Tennessee. Whether you're craving a classic sandwich, BBQ nachos, or even an old-fashioned turkey leg, $4 to $7 will get you far at Holy Smokers. Come see them on Saturdays at Farmers' Market or book them for your next big event.

Stacey's Ice Cream Cruiser

Food Truck (2182 Highway 70 East) | 731.394.9865 | $

In a world full of frozen yogurt and custard, let's not forget about some good ol' soft serve! Hit up Stacey's Ice Cream Cruiser for cones, shakes, and banana splits galore, all for under $5 and made with real cream. Toppings from hot fudge to brownie bites are just an extra $0.25, too!

The Owl's Nest Mobile Concessions & Catering

Food Truck (91 New Market Street | Shed 2) | 901.262.2217 | $

Love tacos? Well, how about some for breakfast? While known for their barbecue, The Owl's Nest also offers some killer breakfast options for under $5. But make sure to come back to the Market in the afternoon for a slaw dog, cheeseburger, or yummy chess square for just an extra few bucks.

Surf's Up Shaved Ice

Food Truck (3100 North Highland Avenue) | 731.267.2750 | $

For anyone who has ever driven to Memphis when craving Jerry's Sno Cones, don't miss this local gem that's a lot closer. Surf's Up Shaved Ice is the perfect way to cool down these hot summer days with treats under $5 and flavors ranging from strawberry daiquiri and fuzzy navel to cake batter and tiger's blood. They've even got a few sugar-free options, or if you like it extra sweet, make it a sno cap with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk for just $0.50.

Read more about Surf's Up on our blog.

Po Boy's Chow Wagon

Food Truck (221 U.S. Highway 45 | 2800 Old Medina Road) | 731.928.8114 | $

How could we NOT get a po boy at Po Boy's Chow Wagon?! (Whatever is in that secret sauce is on point.) Not a shrimp person? They've got plenty more options, from burgers to catfish and their unforgettable Philly cheesesteak, all items under $6. Make sure to finish it all of with a funnel cake, too! Catch this food truck Thursdays and Fridays at Pratt Industries in Three Way and Saturdays at the Old Medina Market.

Bonwood Café / Bill's Diner

1874 South Highland Avenue | 731.427.6911 | $$

If you're looking for an excuse for a classic Southern breakfast any time of day, head to Bonwood Cafe/Bill's Diner in South Jackson. Whether you're craving biscuits and gravy, omelets, or pancakes, $4 to $6 will fill your plate, unless you're hungry for country ham or ribeye for closer to $10. And don't forget to try daily lunch specials and dinner options like hamburger steak, shrimp, and even chicken livers. (Make sure to add a few coins to the jukebox, too.)

Bistro Eleven Sixty

1160 Vann Drive | 731.554.1160 | $$$

If you head to Bistro Eleven Sixty for brunch and leave full of pasta, we don't blame you. But do try their eggs benedict, Mediterranean skillet, and a mimosa when you get a chance. This new spot in Jackson has all the feel and flavors of an upscale Italian bistro with prices that won't break your budget. Try one of their generous and completely unique bowls of pastas for $12 to $16 or a second-level sandwich for under $10. 

Green Frog Coffee Co.

1410 Union University Drive | 731.265.6262 | $$

Welcome back to Jackson, Green Frog! We missed you! (Everybody glad to have their Dirty Snowmen again?) But this ain't the little cafe you used to know; Green Frog now serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, AND coffee (of course). Breakfast runs under $4 while lunches range $6 to $9, and if you're in a hurry you can get it all in their drive-thru.

Want to join us in taking on the #OurJacksonTable challenge to try 100 local restaurants by spring of 2018? Click here to learn more.

Originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Katie Howerton moved to Jackson in 2011 to study Graphic Design and Drawing at Union University. She discovered Our Jackson Home in January 2015 and used it as a guinea pig for her senior design project, creating the first issue of Our Jackson Home: The Magazine. After graduating she was given leadership over Our Jackson Home at theCO, where she now runs the blog, designs the magazine, and coordinates events. She and her husband Jordan live in Midtown and are active members of City Fellowship Baptist Church.

Photography by Katie Howerton.