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Stay 731: New Roots

Guest Contributor

If you had asked me about my future in the fall of 1994, I would have told you that I was planning on moving back home to Paducah, Kentucky, as soon as I finished college. I was supposed to live on Jefferson Street, right next door to my life-long BFF, Laura. She was going to live in her grandmother’s house, and I would buy the house next door. Twenty-four years later, she still reminds me of that broken promise. I had roots there in Paducah. They were strong and firmly planted. My daddy grew up there, too

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On: Being a Life-Giver

Guest Contributor

Women are made to give life. Before anyone shuts down on me, I don’t just mean that women are simply made to have babies. Sure, there is that obvious and very amazing way of giving life—actually giving birth to another human. But truly being a “life-giver” goes far beyond the physical sense of the word. I first heard about the concept of women as life-givers through a Bible study.

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Hello Jackson: Asia Garden

Kristi Woody

Whenever my friends are throwing around the idea of going out for sushi, one restaurant always comes up: Asia Garden. Asia Garden, opened in 1985 by Kathy and Kopang Yeh along with several family members, is a staple in Jackson. They started out serving a Chinese menu and recently expanded to serve Japanese items, including sushi. They have quickly become a local favorite for sushi, and they will even do a sushi platter for larger groups!

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Setting the Table

Guest Contributor

Imagine a table. There are many faces, both black and white, seated around that table. Everyone present wants their stories to be heard and their hardships to be acknowledged. Rightfully so. Sometimes I have the honor of sitting at that table. I sit beside my husband Charles and my best friend Melanie. Naturally, I gravitate toward their voices in conversations on racial reconciliation in our city.

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All Things New

Josh Garcia

I had been craving some good country biscuits for a while when the Autrys invited me over for breakfast one Sunday. Marcie told me that her husband, Jamie, makes excellent biscuits and, man, was she right. “One of our dreams is to have a biscuit truck at the farmers’ market. We have a lot of dreams, though,” she said laughing in their kitchen. In fact, they’ve started keeping a written list, storing their dreams away in a log, ready for the picking when the time is right.

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