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Labor of Love

Kevin Vailes

What will a person not do because of love? With love, the seemingly absurd and impossible becomes logical and likely. Love is what drives us to actions and accomplishments, from the noblest and greatest to ordinary and poignant. To paraphrase the famous early twentieth century English author G.K. Chesterton, something becomes great or beautiful or indeed lovely because we love it. Not because it was great, beautiful, or lovely before we came. This is because love is transformative.

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Stay 731: Familiarity

Guest Contributor

Familiarity. That would be the first word that comes to mind when I think about why my wife and I stayed in Jackson following our marriage. For one, I was still enrolled at the University of Memphis and taking night classes at the old Lambuth campus. I was also in my third year of working at Green Frog Coffee Company, and my wife had gotten a job at Union after graduating from there.

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Stay731: Community

Guest Contributor

I’ve lived in several Tennessee cities in my lifetime, from Nashville to Murfreesboro to Knoxville to Cookeville and a couple little towns in between. Each one of those cities has its own set of charms, but none have captivated me quite like Jackson. It was not love at first sight, mind you. It’s been an ever-growing, ever-evolving bond. I’ve had days where I’d live anywhere but here and days where I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

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Hello Jackson: Alba

Kristi Woody

I have a confession. I’m a stereotypical twenty-something creative person with a soft spot for independent coffee shops. It’s hard to find a coffee shop these days without someone like me sitting at a table with his or her laptop slowly sipping on expertly crafted iced coffee. Where can you find such a place in Jackson? As of this past summer: Alba. Alba is a traditional coffee shop focused on hand-making quality drinks.

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