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From Earth to Bones

Olivia Chin

Rain falls steadily against the sidewalk, bouncing back up almost as soon as it brushes the ground, and all I have for a shield is my military-green rain jacket as I hurry into Alba. Throwing off my hood, I spota guy in a sharp polka-dotted button-up and a girl with cool eyeliner sitting in the corner of the coffee shop. Together, local artists Hunter Cross and Cameron Briley combine their talents as The Skeleton Krew, an original band with a 60s-inspired, blues-rock vibe.

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Hello Jackson: Woodstock Bake Shop

Kristi Woody

When you talk to any business owner, the word “niche” will probably come up at some point. Finding a niche is essential to success, and today’s featured business, Woodstock Bake Shop, has definitely found its niche! You can tell from the name that the theme is based on the culture and music of the 1960s. Woodstock Bake Shop opened in September of 2012 and serves a variety of delicious cupcakes, candies, and box lunches.

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Album Review: Lowland Hum's Title Album

Bo Kitzman

Folk music has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance over the passed five years, but with any genre of music, another period of stagnation could always be around the corner. There have only been a handful of folk artists I have been able to really appreciate over the past year, and that’s disappointing when the Americana and Folk scenes of 2015 have seemed to be thriving. Luckily, there are always some under appreciated diamonds in the rough.

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Five Questions with Garrett Hinson

Bo Kitzman

Garrett Hinson of Trenton, Tennessee, is no stranger to the artistic struggle, but what makes his struggle so interesting is how he has grown into his own brand of aural singularity. Folk and rock music are incredibly different than their traditional interpretations, and that’s part of what makes Garrett’s sound so enjoyable. Garrett applies the traditional and contemporary styles of folk and rock for a sound that doesn’t cross barriers but fuses them instead.

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