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Gather: March 2018

Katie Howerton

March means spring, and for Jackson, that means more races, concerts, shows, and overall fun for our community. Find out what special guests are heading to West Tennessee this month, what organizations you can support, and how your family can celebrate St. Patrick's Day. (It's on a Saturday this year!)

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Hello Jackson: Botbyl Pottery & Companion Gallery

Kristi Woody

Nestled on top of a hill and surrounded by a beautiful vineyard is the charming Botbyl Pottery & Companion Gallery, where you will find a gorgeous selection of handmade pottery, baskets, textiles, jewelry, and even handmade bath products. The majority of the pottery in Companion Gallery is made by owner Eric Botbyl, who is a longtime artist and potter. The gallery also features work by Kelsey Nagy, Amelia Stamps, Shadow May, Caroline Cercone, Becky Rosenkrans, and Made on Acorn Hill.

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Carefully Spun

Chelsea Catherine Croom

Two hands carefully hold the wet clay as it spins around and around. They shape it and form it to be beautiful, throwing the clay with force onto the wheel. The clay becomes centered as the hands see that it spins perfectly and smoothly. They begin to open the top—carefully, though, because they know if it isn't done correctly, they will have to start the process over again. From there they form the base, they thin and raise the walls, they go through each step with love.

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A.M. Creative Recap: Chris Nadaskay

Joseph Smith

Christopher Nadaskay is the University Professor of Art at Union University and an artist focusing primarily on mixed-media, using a variety of materials and textures in his exploration of cultural critiques and societal legacies. As a self-proclaimed science-fiction fan, Nadaskay often incorporates aspects of the genre’s futuristic musings into his conviction-fueled paintings and sculptures.

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