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Hello Jackson: Made On Acorn Hill


Hello Jackson: Made On Acorn Hill

Kristi Woody


This post was originally published on Hello Jackson on October 7, 2013.

What started as two friends making Christmas gifts for loved ones has evolved into a thriving small business called Made On Acorn Hill. Mandy and Ashley, co-owners, make safe and natural alternatives to commercially produced bath and body products.

Made On Acorn Hill sells a wide variety of bath products including herbal salves, sea salt scrubs, lip balms, and old fashioned goat milk soap. (Yes, they milk the goats themselves!) Prices range from $6 for the soaps to $24 for some of the sea salt products, so there is a great variety. I tried the Breathe Easy soap bar recently and really loved how soothing the scent was! It even helped with some congestion I had. The salves are very popular with mothers, who use them to ease certain skin conditions in their children. Because Mandy and Ashley are committed to using only pure and natural ingredients, you can be assured that what you’re using is safe. Made on Acorn Hill products can be found in almost thirty different locations across Tennessee and the Southeast region, including Mags and Lulu, the Companion Gallery, and Grubb's Grocery. You can also find their products on their website.

Mandy and Ashley never intended to start a business, but after making soaps for friends and family as gifts, they got requests to make more. These two dedicated moms had the idea to start Made On Acorn Hill and made their first sale almost four years ago. They began one weekend by setting up with 180 soaps at the Farmers' Market and soon had to increase production to meet demands. It wasn’t long before they outgrew their kitchens, so they moved into a designated production space where they can make, cure, store, and package all of their products. It is quite a space!

Mandy and Ashley have very different working styles, which is perfect for running a business together. They believe that every good relationship is like a hot air balloon. You have the balloon (Ashley the dreamer) who gets the ideas off the ground, but the sandbags (Mandy the realist) keeps things from getting out of control. It’s a perfect metaphor for their partnership! Ashley does a lot of the creative thinking behind new products, while Mandy works very hard on the brand of Made On Acorn Hill and does all the finishing touches. They respect each other’s role in the business, and both have very humble attitudes. I’m astonished at how well these two work together, and their success is truly inspiring.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering where Acorn Hill is. It is actually derived from where the original two work kitchens were located. Ashley’s home was on Cedar Hill, while Mandy’s was on Acorn Ridge. They combined the two and came up with Made On Acorn Hill. I always love knowing the origins of a business name! Made On Acorn Hill is a fantastic source for gifts, especially stocking stuffers, so check their website when you’re shopping this holiday season. I know I will be gifting some fantastic soaps this year.

Made on Acorn Hill products are available at a variety of retail locations and online. To find a store or place an order, visit their website, and stay updated on new products via their Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kristi Woody is a photographer and storyteller for our Hello Jackson features about locally owned retail stores and restaurants. She also works as the university photographer for Union University and owns her own wedding photography business, Woody & Pearl Photography. In her free time, Kristi enjoys spending time with her husband and rambunctious beagle, Rhett and Chipper respectively. If you can't find Kristi in Jackson, you'll find her in her second favorite place: Disney World!