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14th Annual Ghost Tales of Jackson


14th Annual Ghost Tales of Jackson

Chris Pashley


As you stroll down the streets of Downtown Jackson this fall and enjoy the breeze and the changing colors, it is easy to dismiss the history that surrounds you. Of course we all know the popular history of Casey Jones and Rockabilly that hides in every corner, but lesser known is the spirits that roam our city. Yes, in the spirit of the season we are talking about ghosts

Dn English, a long-time Jacksonian, author, publisher and a host of other skills and ventures, has compiled a book on the subject titled Ghosts of Downtown Jackson. Published in 2004, this book highlights ghosts that are known to haunt many of the buildings near the square. From Main Street to East Chester, there are stories of supernatural happenings both spooky and surprising.

Tonight at the Farmers' Market at 6:30 p.m. Dn is hosting the 14th Annual Ghost Tales of Jackson. This event highlights many of the stories that all took place right here. This year she will focus on the spirits that are “seeking out justice.” Spirits of folks who were murdered, their killers never found, and some other exciting stories will be shared. It is always a great, family-friendly event, and she assured me that my four-year-old would enjoy herself with nothing too gory or intense. The event is about an hour long and allows for fun for all ages. So bring the kids and a chair and come listen to some local lore and legend!

You can pick up her book and many others that focus on local history and authors at her book shop Something to Read, located on Main Street. So come enjoy the season, grab a book, and support Downtown Jackson through events and shopping. We look forward to such a fun event and would love to see you there.

Chris Pashley is a thirteen-year resident of Jackson and a stay-at-home dad of three crazy kids. He likes pictures that tell stories because stories define life.

Header graphic by Katie Howerton.