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541 Wiley Parker Road
Jackson TN 38305


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Vol. 1, Issue 2 | Spring/Summer 2015


editor's note

Our traditions stem from a place of belonging, but belonging rarely comes naturally or easily. Finding a place in a community is difficult in transition and impossible in isolation. As I settle into my life in Jackson, I’m finding that the traditions of my childhood are familiar but not formulaic; I can’t simply replace my hometown with Jackson and my family with new friends and expect the same results. How do we begin new traditions, cherish old ones, and embrace those of our neighbors? We begin here, in Jackson. We open our doors to strangers and let them stir Grandma’s recipe. We invest in both age-old local businesses and young entrepreneurs still learning the city. We build traditions of generosity and diversity that reach outside our neighborhoods. We gather with friends and family who need no explanation for the memories and poems and grief we share. We visit a new restaurant, buy a new stocking, and tell new stories around our tables—the stories of Jackson.

Katie Howerton, Editor-in-Chief


66 pages | perfect bound | full color
Printed in Jackson, Tennessee, at Golden Circle Graphics
Launched November 28, 2015

featured writers

Tracie Barnard
Kimberly Chavers
Josh Garcia
Melissa Hardman
Gabe Hart
Meredith Hoffman
Katie Howerton
Courtney Searcy
Olivia Skelton
Joseph Smith
Kristi Woody

guest writers

Matt Altobell
Alfred Custer
Rebecca Edgren
Abby Helms
Michael Lewis
Whitney Williams

featured photographers

Josh Garcia
Katie Howerton
Courtney Searcy

Kristi Woody

guest photographer

Jameson Winter