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541 Wiley Parker Road
Jackson TN 38305


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Vol. 4, Issue 2 | August - November 2018

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editor's note

When I found out I was pregnant this January, a thousand wives’ tales filled my head about the way my body would change over the next few months of my life and what that would say about the baby being formed in my womb. One of the symptoms I heard about most was a heightened sense of smell, something fascinating to me, a person with hardly any sense of smell whatsoever—until now. Six months later, the tiniest scent has me craving foods I’d never thought I’d enjoy or running to the bathroom in an instant. But it’s not only your nose that changes during pregnancy; sight is blurred, tastes are extreme, skin is stretched, and sounds can trigger tears.

It’s incredible how much our five senses affect the way we interact with the world. From the feel of a favorite quilt to the taste of a grandmother’s signature recipe, our senses have the power to bring us back to a time and place other than our own, whether one of joy or great pain. But what are our ears, noses, tongues, hands, and eyes missing out on when we stay in the world of familiar comfort? What life-changing sounds and unforgettable views are waiting for us right in our own backyards that would make us better for the seeking? . . . Read more in the journal.

Katie Howerton, Editor-in-Chief


60 pages | perfect bound | full color
Printed in Jackson, Tennessee, at Tennessee Industrial Printing, Inc.
Launched July 31, 2018

featured writers

Asanta Brooks
Olivia Chin

Gabe Hart
Courtney Searcy
Austin Thompson
Kevin Vailes
Kristi Woody

guest writers

Grant McLemore
Joshua Welsch

featured photographers

Katie Howerton
Cynthia Sipes
Kristi Woody

Guest Photographers

Mattanah DeWitt