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Podcast No. 76: City Councilman Scott Conger


Podcast No. 76: City Councilman Scott Conger

Kevin Adelsberger


We may have interviewed Scott Conger in 2015 about all his responsibilities with The United Way, but that ain't his only job. Today on the podcast, Kevin Adelsberger interviews this city councilman about his responsibilities making sure our city is kept in line and supported as it continues to grow and evolve.

To learn more about the City Council, visit their website. Click here to listen to our first podcast with Scott Conger from 2015.

Kevin Adelsberger and his wife Renae moved to Jackson for college (proud Union alumni) and have stayed ever since. Jackson has since taken hold of Kevin’s heart, and he looks forward to continuing to grow with the city. Kevin opened Adelsberger Marketing in 2014 and saw working with Our Jackson Home as a way that he could serve the city he loves. Kevin and Renae are members of First Baptist Church and volunteer with the youth group there and with Madison County CASA.

Production, editing, and photography by Kevin Adelsberger

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