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Vol. 2, Issue 3 | Fall 2016


editor's note

Growing up, my small K-through-8 school hosted an event called the Harvest Festival every fall. This is what my young, easily entertained heart dreamed of, even though it wasn’t more than a few bouncy houses, ring toss games, and Halloween-themed activities spread across our one-hallway campus. Was it the unflattering but cozy turtlenecks worn in solidarity? Maybe the Atkinson’s old-fashioned peanut butter candies won as prizes? Or the cake walk I so wholeheartedly prepared my best frosted creation for?

It’s been ten years since I’ve attended a Harvest Festival, and I dare not roam the grounds again, nervous about the many children’s TV show characters I won’t recognize and the video games set up where the duck pond used to be. Only recently have I found myself daydreaming of its simple charm while wondering, “What’s does ‘harvest’ have to do with anything?”

Since our school days of clumsily embracing friends returned after summer’s travel, fall has whispered a theme of gathering, arrival, to all who anticipate its return. . . . . Read more in the magazine.

Katie Howerton, Editor-in-Chief


72 pages | perfect bound | full color
Printed in Jackson, Tennessee, at Tennessee Industrial Printing, Inc.
Launched July 31, 2016

featured writers

Josh Garcia
Gabe Hart

Emily Littleton
Courtney Searcy
Olivia Skelton

guest writers

Asanta M. Brooks
James E Cherry
AJ Massey
Alexandra Powell
Jill Webb

featured photographers

Kevin Adelsberger
Josh Garcia
Katie Howerton

Courtney Searcy
Kristi Woody

Guest Photographers

Darren Lykes
Cynthia Sipes