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Jackson TN 38305


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Vol. 2, Issue 2 | Summer 2016


editor's note

Everything seems more intense in the summer, wouldn’t you agree? The sharply cast shadows, the brightness of stars on a clear night, the fierce colors of tanks and shorts. Intensity, though, can often mean a lack of grace. The world seems unapologetic for its merciless heat and long-drawn days. Patience grows thin for fall’s cool relief.

I’m learning that even though I’m no longer working on a school-focused schedule, my whole year still revolves silently around the release of summer. Sure, I’ve still gotta clock nine to five in July just like I did in April, but the space around me feels freer. The sun lingers near an extra few hours as the kids on the street play basketball till they’re dizzy. 

I find myself wondering what to do with the little bit of space summer offers that winter withholds. Travel? Read? Find a hobby? Sure, these goals may energize me mid-May, but by early June, I’ve given up and find myself lucky just to rest in the shade of my carport for a while, slow to commit to an errand or a letter or a recipe. . . . Read more in the magazine.

Katie Howerton, Editor-in-Chief


66 pages | perfect bound | full color
Printed in Jackson, Tennessee, at Golden Circle Graphics
Launched May 5, 2016

featured writers

Allison Burnett
Josh Garcia
Gabe Hart

Kelsey Meadows
Courtney Searcy
Olivia Skelton
Kevin Vailes
Angela Woods

Kristi Woody

guest writers

Jeremiah Coggins
Patricia L. Hamilton

featured photographers

Josh Garcia
Katie Howerton

Courtney Searcy
Olivia Skelton
Kristi Woody

GUEST Photographer

Danny Murphy

Guest Illustrator

Courtney Searcy