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Playlist: #731Day2019

Olivia Chin

There’s something inherently special about a concert in someone’s yard. It’s personal because you’re visiting a person’s home, and yet it’s public because the music is for anyone to hear. Music sounds so free outside—there’s no high ceilings to provide good acoustics, just the blue sky above. The concert venue isn’t a building; it’s a neighbor’s porch or a friend’s front lawn. As the summer sun begins to set behind the vibrant green treetops, a cool breeze gives the concert attendees some relief, and the band plays a brand new song for the first time. This is Porchfest.

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Playlist: #731Day2018

Olivia Chin

Each year, we gather together on July 31 to recognize Jackson, Tennessee, and all that makes it special. 731Day is not about Our Jackson Home but rather about what OJH stands for: "celebrating the people and the stories of the city we all love." An essential aspect of the 731Day celebration is music. We have many talented local musicians in our area, and we'll be lucky to hear their tunes in person at our first-ever Porchfest.

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Go Cat Go!: The Life and Legacy of a Jackson Legend

Guest Contributor

All my life I have heard people talk about how time flies. I have never actually witnessed a clock sprout wings and take off, but as a child, that's the only way I could picture time flying. As I got older and little bit wiser, I knew clocks did not really fly and understood it was just a figure of speech—but to me, it seemed like a joke because time felt like it was crawling. For many, it becomes a reality when children are born. One minute, you're holding your precious baby; the next, they are having babies of their own.

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Playlist: #731Day2017

Olivia Chin

It's that special time of year again: 731Day! Of course, as with any holiday, you'll be looking for the perfect soundtrack to boost your celebration. That's why I compiled a playlist of thirty-one songs, all by artists and bands who call Tennessee their home. What better way to enjoy your hometown than hearing the music that your neighbors have created? Now you can support local music along with the local businesses participating in 731Day.

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Day Trip: West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center

Seth Harden

Walt Disney World, Gulf Shores, Baton Rouge, France, the Bahamas, the Yucatan; these are places we go to retreat from the normalcy of life. These are the destinations of our vacations, our free week off from work to do what we want. Yet retreating to something different doesn’t have to mean venturing beyond state lines. As native West Tennesseans, we forget the vast culture and history that surrounds us.

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