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The Story Behind Jackson Pop-Up Shops


The Story Behind Jackson Pop-Up Shops

Guest Contributor


The Pop-Up Shops in Jackson had a humble beginning, but are quickly becoming a known downtown staple for every season. Spring of 2014 brought Jackson’s first Pop-Up Shop, mainly with the efforts of local founders Lisa Garner and Keely Beasley. What sparked the idea for a Pop-Up in Lisa’s mind was the desire to sell her recently developed project Garner Blue, featuring a variety hand-dyed fabrics and accessories. Keely has since moved to Pennsylvania but is still connected to Jackson and making her own craft under the name Hart Goods.

Lisa noted her initial hesitation with the project but was soon surprised at the enthusiasm with which she was greeted when approaching vendors. One such vendor was Made On Acorn Hill, a home-based business selling soaps, lotions, and more.

Lisa’s first Pop-Up Shop was a small gathering of acquaintances, offering appetizers and cocktails. “It was so busy and fun, and we loved it! It incorporated what we had made and a get-together,” Lisa said. Her intention of making an event of it succeeded.

As the Pop-Up came back in the summer of 2014 with the Summer Swell Pop-Up, Lisa’s vision grew. She wanted to make it a way to feature local talent as well as incorporating artisans from outside Jackson that she wanted to introduce. One such company is P.F. Candles, coming all the way from California. P.F. Candles produces a variety of candles with striking natural scents that greatly complement the style and feel of the Pop-Up’s featured items.

The shop became more established, and the Yuletide Pop-Up was a great success and a source for unique Christmas gifts. When it came to the Love Day Pop-Up, Alba Coffee, Tea, & Food in downtown Jackson was the host, allowing for more shopper traffic and space to display the handiwork.

Even with several established contributors, Lisa wants to keep each event fresh and interesting for shoppers. “We are bringing in new vendors all the time. It’s good to have people there consistently, but it’s fun to have new people,” Lisa said.

“I look at it as a shop that I’m curating. I want everything to go well together, and I want everything to be at the same level of craftsmanship,” Lisa explained. “I’m also trying to encourage the work of other people. It’s hard to find a balance between both. A lot of local people create for fun. They just don’t know if they want to dive in and make a business out of it. The Pop-Up Shop gives them a way to sustain and keep creating.”

The Summer Swell Pop-Up Shop is Friday, July 31 through Saturday, August 1 at Alba in downtown Jackson. To learn more about the artisans, visit their website.

Beth Watson graduated from Union University with a degree in Media Communications and Film Studies but still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. She has an insatiable appetite for travel, books, and international foods. Although she cheerily greets everyone who walks into her workplace, she is an incurable introvert who finds it more enjoyable to connect with her fellow Jacksonians through the written word.

Photography provided by Lisa Garner.