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541 Wiley Parker Road
Jackson TN 38305


A Salty Sanctuary


A Salty Sanctuary

Cynthia Sipes


It seems like we are constantly bombarded by fast food commercials and diet ads. If we aren’t getting a burger then we need to be taking a weight loss pill. Or hey! Why not both at the same time? Our society is constantly on the go, grabbing whatever we can reach to put into our body. We approach every part of life with this fast-paced mentality, including the most important thing: our health. Advanced medical knowledge is still crippled by bad lifestyle habits.

According to the United Health Foundation, Tennessee is one of the unhealthiest states in America. There is a high percentage of both obesity and medicine use. People suffering from chronic pain to depression only receive a slight ease in discomfort by taking medicine. This isn’t to say that medicine is not necessary, but perhaps it is not the only solutions doctors should be offering their patients.

Tom Collins, owner of Jackson Float Therapy and Massage, believes there are other ways to achieve relief from chronic pain and mental stress. As a licensed massage therapist, Collins has always strived to get the best results for his clients, whether they suffer from PTSD, Fibromyalgia, or Lupus (just to name a few).

The main focus of Jackson Float Therapy and Massage are the float rooms. A float room is essentially a small indoor pool with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved into the water. The water is kept at body temperature, and the pool is in a private room that blocks out light and sound. The idea is to suspend all senses and allow the mind and body to completely relax. This allows tension to completely leave the body, allowing relief from chronic pain. Not only are you allowing your body to relax, but you are also absorbing magnesium into your skin, which is something our bodies need more of on a daily basis.

Every day float rooms are popping up throughout America, but there are currently only three in Tennessee. The Jackson float room is unique because of Collins’ design. Instead of a pod, the pools are open, allowing for better access.

“The pods are very claustrophobic and small,” Collins explained. “We decided to design the open float room for people [who aren’t able to move as much].”

It is truly amazing how the body releases all tension in the float room, a true exercise in completely letting go.

“When you think about how much relaxation you are getting out of it, the pain relief, the dramatic improvement in motion—those are all components of what the float room is all about,” said Collins.

Aside from the float rooms, Jackson Float Therapy and Massage incorporates different massage techniques that can help with cellulite, oil deficiencies, and chronic pain. One technique is called Medi Cupping, part of a pain management program at Jackson Float. Instead of using a pushing motion, the Medi Cupping system uses a suction that helps release tension from the muscles. Not only can the Medi Cupping be used to relieve pain in the body, but it can also be used for facials, as Collins does in a facial detox session.

We do things here that other people don’t do, and we get results that other people don’t get.
— Tom Collins

“Think about what a wrinkle is: nothing more than dehydrated tissue. So if we can open those layers of tissue up, it can allow fluid into the areas that are so dehydrated,” Collins explained. “I also use a mask that has a high concentration of magnesium in the mud.”

Another type of massage at Jackson Float is the Zyto massage. The Zyto massage incorporates doTerra essential oils, and the machine is a white pad with metal plates for your fingers. You place your hand on the machine, and it gives a reading of any oil deficiencies in your body. Tom then takes those oils and incorporates them into the massage.

e“We do things here that other people don’t do, and we get results that other people don’t get,” Collins stated. “We are very results-oriented.”

Jackson Float Therapy and Massage is a place of unique, holistic healing. Anyone dealing with pain—whether mental, physical, or spiritual—can find refuge in these practices. As Collins put it, “We want this place to be a healing place and a sanctuary.”

Jackson Float Therapy and Massage is located at 621 Old Hickory Boulevard, Suite I, and is open 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Monday through Saturday. To learn more, visit their website and Facebook page.

Cynthia Sipes is a native of Alabama who moved to Jackson in April of 2016. She works at Starbucks full-time while pursuing an MA in Art Therapy. She is happily married and enjoys photography along with other creative endeavors.

Photography by Cynthia Sipes.