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Playlist: Back to School 2015


Playlist: Back to School 2015

Olivia Chin


The start of August signals several changes for West Tennessee. Not only is summer (slowly) beginning to give way to fall, but for kids, college students, and teachers, it is also time to return to the classroom. Many songs have been composed over the years to celebrate this special time of year. As you look forward to beautifully colored leaves and new textbooks, enjoy this playlist of school and fall-related songs. Listen now here on the Our Jackson Home Spotify.

1. “Be True to Your School” - The Beach Boys | The Beach Boys have been around probably since before you and/or your kids were born, celebrating summer and surfing. But in their single “Be True to Your School,” the Beach Boys recall what comes after a summer at the beach: high school. The Honeys are featured in this version of the song, backing up the Beach Boys with cheerleader chants as the group sings about letterman sweaters and football games. (

2. “We’re Going to Be Friends” - The White Stripes | The White Stripes combine a simple, acoustic melody with soft vocals to remind us of childhood in “We’re Going to Be Friends.” The song is told from the first person point-of-view of a young child who goes to school and enjoys his time learning, playing, and sitting next to a new friend. “We’re Going to Be Friends” has been covered by both Jack Johnson and Bright Eyes and was featured in the opening credits for the film Napoleon Dynamite. (

3. “Wonderful World” - Sam Cooke | For the students who may not enjoy hitting the books again, Sam Cooke understands you. The narrator of “Wonderful World” admits that he “don’t know much about history” (or biology, a science book, or the French he took), but he does know that the world can still be a wonderful place with love. (

4. “The Fairest of the Seasons” - Nico | Singer and Andy Warhol-film actress Nico uses her deep, somber voice to reflect on life’s changes in “The Fairest of the Seasons.” With its blue skies, red and golden leaves, and comfortable temperatures, fall in Jackson can easily be called the fairest of the seasons. (

5. “Campus” - Vampire Weekend | As Columbia graduates themselves, the members of Vampire Weekend certainly understand college life. Backed by upbeat drums and bass riffs, frontman Ezra Koenig tells the story of a student struggling with romance on campus. Koenig even mentions “sleeping on the balcony after class,” a shout-out to the luxury status that napping takes on for sleep-deprived college students. (

6. “Fall For You” - Leela James | All puns about “falling” for the season of fall aside, Leela James delivers a heartfelt performance in “Fall For You.” The cyclical piano and soulful delivery make it the perfect song to listen to by a warm fire as the season grows colder and the leaves drop from the trees. (

7. “September, Maybe” - Sleeping States | Sleeping States captures the sounds of fall with the ethereal “September, Maybe.” Embracing a folk sound with electric undercurrents, “September, Maybe” packs on layers of consistent drums, backing vocals, and looping guitar chords that well represent the season’s steady march toward change. (

8. “Autumn Leaves” - Ed Sheeran | Ed Sheeran showcases his acoustic side with the lovely ballad “Autumn Leaves.” Sheeran sings about love, loss, and the passing of time with a soft sincerity. “Autumn Leaves” provides the quintessential soundtrack for a fall afternoon. (

Olivia Skelton is the danger. She is also a writer, music aficionado, barista, and Union University graduate based in Jackson.

Header image taken by Kristi Woody.