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Film: Why We Love TIPS

Kevin Adelsberger

With Vol. 4, Issue 2: Sensations coming out here in just a couple of weeks, we've been working with Tennessee Industrial Printing Services to make sure the quality is as pristine as ever. Check out this video by Kevin Adelsberger interviewing our Editor-in-Chief Katie Howerton about why we love TIPS and what they have meant to our business over the years.

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On: My First Rally Experience

Gabe Hart

I am not one who marches for a cause. I don’t exactly enjoy situations in which I have to follow someone else’s lead. I am not an activist. In fact, I think some activists can be detrimental to the cause for which they are advocating. At some point, it all becomes white noise, or worse, it becomes flammable to the ears of everyone else. At its best, activism can enact societal change for the better over a long period of time; at its worst, it can become divisive to the point of an irreparable dislocation.

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Preserving Identity

Olivia Chin

What would happen if a natural storm wiped out the heart of a city? How would the identity of a  community remain intact if vital parts of it are destroyed? These are questions that the Madison County Archives prepares to answer with every property deed, court record, and legal notice that is carefully preserved on its shelves. “You could re-create local history with the files we have,” Archivist Thomas Aud tells me from his seat in the Archives atrium.

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Gather: July 2018

Katie Howerton

This Tennessee summer heat is almost more than we can bear, but at least there's lots going around in town to keep us busy and happy! From fireworks and 5k's to music and theatre, July will be a month to remember. Here are the events we hope to see you at!

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